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Dealers Ingredients is a food ingredient company first and foremost! We offer the knowledge, expertise, and experience to create and deliver innovative, high quality food ingredient solutions. We distribute high quality ingredients for our supplier partners and we manufacture speciality food ingredients designed to meet the needs of the ever growing health conscious consumer market.

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Whether you are buying Base Ingredients, improving your product’s value proposition or tweaking margins, trust Dealers Ingredients to deliver the perfect solution.


Plant-based proteins are one of the most popular and trending ingredient solutions today, as more consumers’ search for alternative meat options. Looking for a high quality, complete, plant-based protein with measurable PDCAAS/PER score or just a single source pea or brown rice protein isolate? We can provide the perfect balance of formulation expertise, knowledge and convenience.


Dairy Flavor Concentrates and Natural Functional Ingredients

Butter Buds© dairy flavour ingredients, available in a wide range of formats including powder, liquid and paste forms, can add real, natural-sourced value to all your products. Made from real butter, cream and cheese in strengths of up to 400 times the original, Butter Buds helps improve the flavor and cut costs.



North Americans today are eating on average 3,400 mg of sodium a day, more than twice as much sodium needed for good health, with the majority (75%) coming from packaged and restaurant foods. OneGrain, a 1-to-1 salt replacement, containing up to 50% less sodium from salt provides the convenience and simplicity in one easy to use ingredient solution for all food manufacturers.


Dairy Ingredients

Trusted by Canadian food manufacturers and processors for 40 years, Dealers Ingredients provides the reliability and stability of a wide range of cost competitive, dairy product ingredient solutions and custom blend options in an ever changing marketplace.



Dealers Ingredients is committed to providing a wide range of the highest quality, cost competitive oil and shortening ingredients in a variety of packaging options. Collaborating to provide solutions that meet your specific production and nutritional requirements ensures we can meet/exceed all your fats & oil needs.


Natural Flavour Ingredient Maskers

If you are creating healthier products that have taste challenges, we have the solution. Butter Buds©, your perfect secret ingredient solution for improving and enhancing the flavour of all your products. Let us share with you the best options available and recommendations to address your unique product development challenges.


Other Specialty Ingredients

Looking for chocolate chips, cream cheese, rice and other ingredients that you do not see under any of the product categories listed above? Contact us as we are always willing to provide assistance in helping you find the right ingredient solution.


Natural, Non-Dairy and Organic Flavour Ingredient Options

Do you need a non-dairy or organic flavour option but still need the same functional properties that are only feasible with real butter and dairy? Let us show you which Butter Buds© Organics and Non Dairy Flavor ingredient solution works best for you.


Customized Ingredient Solutions

Take one of Dealers Ingredients high quality and performance commodity base ingredients, blend in other ingredients and voila you have created a Customized Ingredient that adds value to your product and your operation. Let us help you create innovative, value-added products that consumers want and are willing to pay a premium for especially within price challenged categories.

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