Up to 50% less sodium

An aging population means consumers are even more concerned today with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Watching what they eat including what their sodium intake is with the foods they eat on a daily basis is an important part of staying healthy. OneGrain*, a 1-to-1 salt replacement containing up to 50% less sodium than salt, provides the convenience and simplicity in one easy to use ingredient.

This revolutionary new technology by AkzoNobel of the Netherlands turns salt into a free-flowing, easy-to-handle carrier of flavours, of nutrients, of anything. Maintaining all of the characteristics of regular salt but containing up to 50% sodium, OneGrain has a very close match with all the functionalities of regular salt in foods, including taste.

Key Benefits

  • Quick dissolving

    OneGrain dissolves even faster than regular salt

  • Easy blending

    OneGrain grains blend as easily as regular salt

  • Label-friendly

    Today's OneGrain range of products contains regular salt, mineral salt and a flavour.

  • Free-flowing

    Hygroscopic components are captured in the OneGrain grains, ensuring that the product remains free-flowing

  • No demixing

    Each grain retains all its components – regular salt, mineral salt and flavour – during transport and storage with no separation

  • No dust

    OneGrain grain size distribution is similar to that of the regular salt

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