01 Aug 2018
26 Jun 2018

2018 Flavour Trends in Sausages

    To consumers, sausages are especially appealing because of their flavourful, indulgent and high protein qualities. As many consumers are concerned about their health, they are also looking for leaner yet still indulgent sausage options.

    As protein is a trend that continues to evolve within the meat and more importantly sausage category, it is important for meat manufacturers to find new ways of addressing consumers’ needs for healthy yet flavourful choices.

    One of the Biggest 2018 Meat Trends: Sausages

    The good news is that sausages were identified as one of the three biggest trends for retailers at the 2018 Annual Meat Conference held at Nashville’s Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Centre. Bold flavours such as andouille, spicy chorizo and bratwurst continue to be strong category leaders, while new flavours such as beer and cheddar combinations are becoming popular. For example, Mighty Spark Food Co. launched a bratwurst made with bacon, cheddar cheese and beer and Johnsonville displayed a new cheddar and beer bratwurst flavoured sausage called Tailgate at the show.1

    A quick search online revealed several specialty Canadian manufacturers and grocery retailers are offering a wide assortment of flavoured sausages including cheese flavoured combinations. For example, Farm Boy offers as many as 16 different flavoured sausage varieties including various cheese flavoured combinations such as bacon & cheddar, hot chillies & pepper jack and cheddar & jalapeno. Seed to Sausage, a meat producer specializing in local, hand-crafted meats, offers a jalapeno cheese curd sausage.  Sobeys offers a bacon and cheese flavoured sausage under its Compliments brand.

    On-trend Flavour Solutions

    Did you know that there are solutions that can help address the issue of fat reduction while enhancing the cheese and even the meat flavours in sausages? Butter Buds, a functional dairy concentrate, can be used to boost cheese and meat flavours, mask off-notes and round off the harshness of spices in sausages and meats without adding fat. As Butter Buds has a variety of cheese flavours available including both dairy and non-dairy options as well as specialty flavours such as dried beer extract and bacon, it is an ideal solution for creating healthy, flavourful sausage options. A variety of ready-to-go Butter Buds flavoured sausage recipes including bratwurst, chorizo and andouille from Dealers Ingredients are also available to help when creating new and reformulated products.

    Interested in learning more? Please contact your Dealers Sales Consultant or 905 458 7766 or info@dealersingredients.com to receive an up-to-date list of Butter Buds flavours available, samples and sausage recipes.


    1Source: Retrieved from http://www.supermarketnews.com/print/96231

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    26 Jun 2018

    Quality of Beef Still Matters for Today’s Consumer

      The demand for beef continues to remain strong! Despite a growing focus on alternative proteins such as plant-based, “by 2022, alternative proteins are still projected to make up only 2% of the total growth on a tonnage basis within the North America protein market, while meat constitutes the rest”1

      Beef’s Value Proposition

      So, what exactly is beef’s most important value proposition?  For the consumer “beef just has to taste good.”2. To be more specific, the quality and taste is a combination of “flavor, tenderness, texture, appearance and juiciness.”3 Although, this may seem rather obvious it is much more complicated for beef manufacturers. Until a consumer tastes the beef, they cannot determine if their beef purchase will live up to their expectations. For beef manufacturers, this often means they have just one chance to make a good impression with the consumer.

      The Prefect Solution for Lower Quality and Lower Fat Beef

      Even if meat manufacturers continue to focus on providing branded, high quality beef, the challenges associated with lower quality and lower fat beef options still exist. Consumers who have chosen low fat or cheaper cuts of meat for health or economic reasons now have so many more choices especially from the continuously growing alternative meat category. This puts even greater pressure on the meat industry to ensure that the consumer has a great meat eating experience regardless of the quality of beef chosen. Results from a five-study analysis conducted by the Colorado State University showed there were notable differences in the mean sensory rating of the beef and buttery flavours between premium versus lower quality meats by consumers2.

      One-way manufacturers can reduce the risk of not meeting consumer’s expectations in terms of the taste of beef is by adding a broth or marinade that incorporates Butter Buds, a functional dairy concentrate flavour available in Canada from Dealers Ingredients.  Unlike traditional flavours, Butter Buds is proven to add rich, fatty flavour notes and enhance the meaty flavours while masking any off-notes. Consumers can enjoy the taste of lean, lower quality meat without the worry of added fats. Also, depending upon the flavour meat profile that manufacturers are looking for, Butter Buds has a wide selection of dairy and non-dairy flavours including specialty flavours such as dried beer extract, olive oil as well as a variety of non-dairy butter flavours.

      Interested in learning more about Butter Buds or would like to receive a sample or recipe? Please contact your Dealers Sales Consultant or 905 4587766 or info@dealersingredients.com.

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      3Source: Retrieved from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK216525/

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      25 Jun 2018

      Profi® is now Non-GMO Project Verified!

        Dealers Ingredients is proud to announce that Profi, the award-winning, complete high protein plant-based composite (HPPC) is now Non-GMO Project Verified! Below, is the complete list of the current Profi ingredient products that are now Non-GMO Project Verified:

        Profi Pro is ideal for adding plant-based protein in a variety of product applications including beverages, soups, protein bars, pasta, crackers, cereals and veggie burgers.

        Profi Bake, especially designed to manage water in baked goods, is recommended for adding plant-based complete protein and fiber to a variety of bakery applications including breads, muffins, cookies, cakes and so much more

        As the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) is proposing a new rule that would require food manufacturers that label foods for retail sale to disclose information about bioengineered food and food ingredient content, having the Non-GMO Project Verified will become even more relevant to both consumers and manufacturers. Although, the FDA has outlined a uniform labeling for bioengineered food and food ingredients that is based on a national standard, consumers should not assume that the absence of a bioengineered label means that their products are definitely non-GMO. Non-GMO Project has offered a method of labeling to point consumers to products that do not contain genetically modified ingredients. As Non-GMO Project utilizes third party certifying partners for inspecting and verifying the status, there is a high degree of confidence in the Non-GMO Project logo. Click on the link to access the full article at: https://bit.ly/2JOpr7k


        Dealers Ingredients has been instrumental in providing major multi-national companies with knowledge on how to calculate the quality and the quantity of plant-based proteins for making claims. Interested in learning more? Please contact your Dealers sales consultant or call 905 458 7766 or info@dealersingredients.com to learn more about plant-based proteins, request a sample or recipes.

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        06 May 2018

        Dealers Ingredients Welcomes New Ontario Technical Sales Representative

        We are pleased to announce that Maria-Lucia Loero-Pflucker has joined the organization as our new Technical Sales Representative for Ontario.  Lucia’s impressive educational background which includes a degree in Engineering in Food Science and Technology, a specialized Post-Graduate Certificate in Business Management, and a Master of Science: Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry combined with experience in a variety of food ingredient companies will help support Dealers Ingredients in our quest to create natural food ingredient solutions that positively impact the healthy lifestyle choices of consumers.

        Congratulations and welcome Lucia!

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        03 May 2018

        Dealers Ingredients Welcomes Hydrosol, the Food Stabilizer People!

          Dealers Ingredients Inc. is very honoured and proud to introduce for the first time to Canada the launch of Hydrosol, the Food Stabilizer People.

          Hydrosol GmbH & Co., headquartered near Hamburg, Germany, is a subsidiary of the independent, owner-operated Stern-Wywiol Gruppe. As a fast-growing international supplier of food stabilizers and trusted for over 30 years around the world, Hydrosol is best known for simplifying complex product challenges with customized food stabilizing and texturing systems.

          Tailor-made Stabilizer Systems

          As the developer and producer of tailor-made stabilizer systems for dairy products, ice cream and desserts, ready meals, meat, cold cuts and fish products for customers in over 50 countries, Hydrosol brings a wealth of experience, in-depth product knowledge and an on-going commitment to continuous application research. In response to the growing number of vegan, vegetarians and flexitarians, Hydrosol has also developed expertise in non-meat and non-dairy analogue products.

          With a large R&D team working in 15 specialist laboratories including an extensive applications technology library and pilot plant located at the Stern Technology Centre in Ahrensburg, Germany, customers requiring stabilizing and texturing systems will have access to high quality, flexible, innovative research capabilities.

          Service and Resource Providers of On-Trend, Unique Product Solution Ideas

          Chuck Harvey, President and CEO, Dealers Ingredients Inc. and its affiliates said:” We are very excited to be able to bring this opportunity to Canada for the first time. Hydrosol is more than just a supplier of innovative stabilizing systems. Hydrosol and Dealers Ingredients together are both service and resource providers of new, on-trend, unique product solution ideas. Hydrosol’s extensive experience in creating stabilizing and texturing systems for dairy and meat analogues combined with Dealers Ingredients in-depth knowledge and experience with plant-based proteins create a strong synergistic approach to addressing today’s food development challenges. Any company contemplating the need to address the growing emergence of the sizable vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian consumer base can access any one of the complete, market ready solutions or create their own customized alternative dairy, meat and deli product concept solution utilizing Hydrosol food stabilizer systems and Dealers Ingredients plant-based category expertise.”

          Interested in learning more about Hydrosol and how we can assist you with your product development opportunities? Please contact your Dealers Ingredients sales consultant or 905 458 7766 or info@dealersingredients.com

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          03 May 2018

          Hydrosol Stabilizer and Texturing Systems. Achieve Superior Functionality for Creating the Perfect Texture!

            Hydrosol’s stabilizer and texturing systems are much more than just single ingredients or standard ingredient solutions. By introducing Hydrosol’s full-service approach to the Canadian marketplace, Dealers Ingredients & Hydrosol together ensure you receive the finished products you need made with the ingredients you want.

            What is the Hydrosol Approach?

            Hydrosol is a full-service strategic partner in the sense that Hydrosol is much more than just the creator of customized stabilizer solutions developed according to your unique product expectations and needs. In addition, a wide variety of support is offered from product concept idea generation, R&D, product development support to manufacturing equipment advice including pilot plant-trial run samples. To optimize this process, active participation is encouraged and welcomed throughout the entire product development process.

            What is a customized stabilizer blend?

            Hydrosol stabilizer and texturing ingredient blends consist of two or more hydrocolloids, protein, starch, emulsifier and/or salt ingredients. Each stabilizer and texturing combination is tailor-made ensuring targeted sensory characteristics such as mouthfeel, consistency and viscosity fit 100% to your needs. Whether this involves creating a unique product from scratch or improving an existing product, we will make sure it is a perfect match.

            What are the advantages of a stabilizer blend?

            Unlike single ingredients that influence a single, specific characteristic of the product, stabilizer blends consider the entire product characteristics. As the ingredients interact, these interactions must be controlled which is only possible with a stabilizer blend.

            Stabilizer blends provide a greater level of confidence as this eliminates the need to deal with different single ingredient companies which are not able to control the interaction between their ingredients and those from other suppliers.

            By working with one stabilizer blend company such as Hydrosol through Dealers Ingredients, any inconsistencies are quickly resolved because not only are the interactions between all the ingredients already known but tests can be run to back-up/support our results.

            As single ingredient suppliers only have access and knowledge about their particular area of the stabilizing system, they are often unable to identify the customer’s issue and therefore, limit their ability to provide a complete solution.

            Why Hydrosol?

            Hydrosol not only provides single and blends of stabilizers but also R&D and product development support. In a sense, Hydrosol acts as a strategic solutions partner. By working with Hydrosol’s stabilizer and texturing systems you can choose to outsource a portion or all the R&D project activities which enable you to safe-guard/optimize your R&D resources for other projects.

            Types of Applications

            Hydrosol provides customized synergistic stabilizing and texturing systems for a wide variety of categories including traditional meat, dairy, fish, soups, sauces, condiments, salad dressings, ice cream as well as various vegan dairy, vegan cheese, vegan mayonnaise and vegan meat and dairy alternatives.

            Click here to access a more detailed list of categories.

            Interested in learning more about Hydrosol and how we can assist you with your product development opportunities?  Please contact your Dealers Ingredients sales consultant or 905 458 7766 or info@dealersingredients.com to set up an appointment or to receive a copy of the Hydrosol sell sheet.


            Hydrosol the food stabilizer people logo

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            01 May 2018
            21 Feb 2018

            Organics-How important is this to the consumer?

            Although, it is always valuable to learn what the upcoming food trend predictions are for the year, it is even more interesting to see what has transpired within the marketplace related to those trends. Let’s take a closer look at organics, one of the macro-trends that has consistently appeared on various trend reports over the past two years.

            Today, organics is fast becoming a growing and important mainstream market segment within Canada. In fact, according to the Canadian Organic Trade Association, “two in three Canadians (66%) are spending at least some of their weekly grocery budget on organic items, up 10 points from 56% in 2016.1  With annual growth of organic pre-packed foods outpacing traditional pre-packaged CPG food sales at +7%1 versus just 2.4%2  respectively, this is a viable option for food manufacturers to consider when searching for their next potential category market growth opportunity. Also, with 83% of millennials indicating they are purchasing organics, this is one trend expected to prevail for quite a long time.1

            To help support this growing shift in the market, Dealers Ingredients is proud to announce the launch of new organic Butter Buds flavours now available in Canada. To explore the complete list of flavours available and to request a sample, please contact your Dealers Ingredients Sales Consultant or 905 458 7766 or info@dealersingredients.com.

            1 http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/new-data-from-canada-organic-trade-association-reveals-dramatic-increase-in-canadians-2233507.htm

            2 https://www.statista.com/statistics/731265/growth-rate-of-consumer-packaged-goods-canada/

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            21 Feb 2018

            Alex Graham Robinson, current Chairman and past President passed away

            It is with great sadness that we share the news of Alex Graham Robinson, current Chairman (and past President from 1980 to 2009) of Dealers Ingredients Inc. passing away at the William Osler Health System Hospital in Brampton, Ontario on February 3, 2018.

            Alex loved golf, reading about North American history and sports of almost any kind. Alex’s favourite hockey team was the Buffalo Sabers and in his youth Alex was an accomplished baseball player and once played against Ferguson Jenkins.

            Alex wasn’t a big fan of vegetables and disliked hypocrites. I use the word “Disliked” because Alex would never have used the word ”Hated”. Alex was a good Christian and lived a life of reflection always searching for truth and the best in himself and others.

            When Alex left us for that glorious golf course in the sky he left behind his loving wife Nancy and his two sons Scott and Richard. He also left behind many friends who will miss him dearly.

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