Dairy Flavour
Concentrates and Natural
Functional Ingredients

Butter Buds® your perfect secret ingredient solution
for improving and enhancing the flavour of all your products.

Butter Buds® dairy flavour ingredients, available in a wide range of formats including powder, liquid and paste forms, can add real, natural-sourced value to your products.

Made from real butter, cream and cheese in strengths of up to 400 times the original, Butter Buds helps improve the flavour and cut costs.

Key Benefits

  • Round out Harsh Flavours
  • Enhance Flavours
  • Improve Mouthfeel
  • Mask off Flavours (Refer to Natural Flavour Ingredient
    Maskers for additional details)
  • Kosher and Halal certified

Available in a wide variety of products within each of the subcategories below :

Butter Flavours

  • Butter Buds 8X NPHO
  • Butter Buds 8X NSP
  • Butter Buds 32X
  • Butter Buds High Concentrate
  • Butter Buds High Concentrate Uncoloured
  • Butter Buds High Concentrate UC (Potato Starch)
  • Butter Buds Ghee (N&A)
  • Butter Buds Ghee Uncoloured (N&A)
  • Butter Buds Ghee (Natural)
  • Butter Buds Sautéed (N&A)
  • Butter Buds Sautéed (Natural)
  • Butter Buds Asia
  • Butter Base 20 Canola

Cream Flavours

  • Dried Cream Extract
  • Cream Plus
  • Cream Plus Vanilla
  • Sour Cream Concentrate

Milk Flavours

  • Buttermilk Buds J
  • Yogurt Buds CDN
  • Milk Buds J CDN
  • Milk Buds Peru
  • Milk Buds Western
  • Cheese Buds Cream Cheese
  • Cheese Buds Emmenthal
  • Cheese Buds Swiss
  • Cheese Buds Feta
  • Cheese Buds Mild European

Cheese Flavours

  • Cheese Buds Aged Cheddar CDN
  • Cheese Buds Asiago
  • Cheese Buds Bleu CDN
  • Cheese Buds Cheddar CDN
  • Cheese Buds Cheddar EX- CDN
  • Cheese Buds Cream Cheese
  • Cheese Buds Emmenthal CDN
  • Cheese Buds Feta
  • Cheese Buds Gouda
  • Cheese Buds Parmesan CDN
  • Cheese Buds Parmesan Ex CDN
  • Cheese Buds Romano CDN

Non Dairy Flavours

  • Dried Beer Extract- IP ONLY
  • Cocoa Butter Buds
  • Olive Oil Buds
  • Butter Buds Bacon ND
  • 8X Non-Dairy LD
  • Non-Dairy Buds Natural Ghee
  • Non-Dairy Buds Cheddar Type
  • Non-Dairy Buttermilk Buds
  • Organic Non-Dairy Cream Type
  • Non-Dairy Cream Plus Vanilla Type
  • Non-Dairy Buds Condensed Milk Type
  • Non-Dairy Buds Sour Cream Type
  • Organic Non-Dairy Butter Type
  • Non-Dairy Butter Flavour
  • Non-Dairy Butter Flavour (Parve)
  • Liquid Cream Concentrate-Canola
  • Liquid Cream Concentrate-Palm
  • Non Dairy Cream Concentrate
  • Liquid Butter Con. (Parve) on Soybean
  • Liquid Butter Concentrate Palm

Organic Flavours

  • Organic Cheese Buds Cheddar CDN
  • Organic High Concentrate Uncoloured

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