23 Feb 2017

Celebrate National Banana Bread Day with Profi Pro Banana Bread Recipe

    Did you know that February 23rd is National Banana Bread Day?

    We can help you mark this day with a delicious, nutritious, moist Profi Pro protein and fiber banana bread recipe. Need a sample of Profi Pro? Just click here to request a sample.

    Banana Bread Ingredients and portions


    Preparation Instructions:

    1. Weigh all dry ingredients excluding sugar.
    2. Mix until homogeneous (1 minute).
    3. Measure all wet ingredients, plus sugar.
    4. Mix until homogeneous (2 minutes).
    5. Mix dry ingredients into wet ingredients until
    6. Dispense into greased loaf pan.
    7. Bake at 350F for 60 minutes.
    8. Take out of the pan and cool on wire cooling rack.

    Nutritional Facts Panel for Banana Bread



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    07 Jun 2016

    PROFI™, Vegetable Based High Protein Composite (HPC), Winner of the 2016 DUX Ingredients and Technology Award

      TORONTO, Ontario, Canada-February 2, 2016 -Dealers Ingredients Inc., is pleased to announce that PROFI, vegetable based high protein composite (HPC) was the winner of the 2016 DUX Ingredients and Technology award within the broad category of Products. This prestigious award was announced at the fourth annual DUX Gala in Montreal, Quebec on January 27, 2016.

      The DUX Gala brought together over 450 professionals representing the top leaders in the food supply chain (producers, processors, retailers, distributors, restauranteurs, food services, non-profits, institutions, etc.) to celebrate those who had distinguished themselves with offerings in 2015.

      Dealers Ingredients first time submission to the DUX contest consisted of providing in-depth answers to 15 questions as well as written technical support for PROFI that was judged by a distinct jury made up of professionals and influential experts in food and health. In order to be considered a finalist in the contest, the PROFI application had to score a minimum of 70%. For more information on the members of the jury, visit http://programmedux.com/en/the-dux-contest/jury/

      “We are very excited to be part of this year’s DUX contest and Gala awards ceremony especially since DUX is a program that aims to inspire and mobilize businesses, organizations, and institutions to create initiatives that contribute to improving people’s health through nutrition. Dealers Ingredients, a supplier and now a manufacturer of natural food ingredients for 40 years, has always had a passion for and commitment at its core in helping to create a healthier lifestyle. It is with this commitment that led to the creation of PROFI, value-added, innovative ingredient solution.” said Chuck Harvey, President and CEO, Dealers Ingredients Inc.

      About PROFI
      PROFI, vegetable based high protein composite (HPC), contains all nine essential amino acids in proper proportions. Formulated into a single source food enhancer for ease-of-use, usage rates have been identified for achieving ideal grams of plant protein per serving size within but not limited to cookies, breads, cupcakes, soups, sauces, protein bars, pasta, crackers, veggie burgers and beverages. After two years in development PROFI, especially designed to address the issues of taste and product formulation, can replace soy, dairy and meat as an allergy free, non-GMO, Kosher and Halal protein source. PROFI was also specifically developed to contain a high PDCAAS score, indicating the efficacy of the product protein solution.
      Available in two main varieties, PROFI Bake™, gluten-free and non-GMO, makes it ideal for manufacturers to add protein and fiber to many baked goods including muffins, cakes and breads. PROFI Pro™, also gluten-free, can be used to add non-GMO plant protein to small or large serving sizes in food and beverages.

      About Dealers Ingredients Inc.
      Since 1976, Dealers Ingredients Inc. has been specializing and supplying natural, nutritional ingredients and solutions to leading food manufacturers and processors across Canada. Our dedicated team of research professionals/food consultants are committed to working together to create improvements in product performance in the areas of quality, nutrition, label declaration and profit margins embracing our vision of “Creating a healthier tomorrow naturally”. With our focus on creating and distributing healthy lifestyle ingredient choices, we’re committed to helping our customers revolutionize every day food choices for consumers.

      With the recent launch of PROFI, Dealers Ingredients is interested in expanding distribution on a global basis and exploring new partnerships with interested USA distributors and manufacturers. Additional information on PROFI can be found at www.dealersingredients.com/profi (La version francaise du site Internet est actuellement en construction).

      For more information, contact:

      Debra Tomotsugu
      Manager, Marketing and Sales Support
      Dealers Ingredients Inc.
      905 458 7766 ext. 29

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      07 Jun 2016

      Dealers Ingredients would like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth

        Dealers Ingredients would like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth at the two most recent trade shows where we celebrated our 40th anniversary by sampling our delicious tasting chocolate cupcakes featuring PROFI Bake™ and Butter Buds©:
        CIFST Quebec Suppliers Show
        April 21, 2016, Laval, Quebec

        Bakery Showcase
        May 1-3, 2016 Mississauga, Ontario

        Interested in receiving the recipe? Click here

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